Spice Up Your Life

Welcome to the cuisine according to your taste.

Only you know what you hold in your heart and only you know exactly what your tastes are. Play with the life-friendly cooking ideas, let your imagination run wild and spice up your food and life. You can do it!

This website was created for you to explore your tastes, find some recipe ideas and develop your feeling for cooking. See, think and eat – in the Recipes or the Videos. Additionally, it aims to help you develop the right mental and emotional attitude for success in the kitchen and elsewhere, as it is not only important how we cook and what we eat, but also what we cook inside ourselves and what we feed our mind.

As far as the recipes are concerned, they are connected and can be combined. The ingredients can be replaced, added or removed. For example; Be Happy Cake can be filled with any of the fillings or creams described in other recipes; even the batter can be changed – use your imagination. This is a collection of ideas, a patchwork of flavors. Take the idea you like and experiment.. Play, explore! In the recipe for string beans, buckwheat pasta and cream sauce you can replace beans with carrots, cream sauce with tomato sauce and buckwheat pasta with any pasta of your choice. Party bombs can be just that – appetizers for a party, or can also be a part of a dinner or a sandwich. Combine your recipes according to what you have in the fridge and what you like. Each grain type can be exchanged for another – instead of barley, for example, you can use rice, millet or buckwheat. Why not? Hokkaido squash is delicious baked, cooked, in a soup, sweet or salty. Prepare it exactly as you like. Follow your instincts.

A feeling

If I said or wrote everything in detail, I wouldn’t give you enough space to develop your feeling for cooking. Until you can estimate when the bread is baked, you will not be independent enough to make your own bread and will always need a recipe. But what will happen when you come to a situation when no recipe is around and you have to cook something? Will you make an effort and cook or die of hunger?

Everything happens for a reason. If something doesn’t quite succeed it can be a good learning experience for us. If what we have used doesn’t go well with other ingredients, we have to remember it, keep it in mind so that we’ll not make the same mistake again. Otherwise life will keep serving us the same portion over again, until we learn the lesson.

When we learn to use our feelings and follow our intuition, we can cook whatever we want easily. And then… even if life gives us lemons, we’ll create refreshing lemonade or better still, a delicious ice-cream, sorbet or cake… But we can’t read recipes our entire lives. We have to write them ourselves. Let’s get started! It is natural.

Nature has its own cycle. The seed has to sprout, the plant has to grow and the fruit has to ripen. Water whatever you have sewn patiently and let the desire in your heart grow. Everything needs its time to get cooked. You only have to envision the result. What do you want your plate to look like? Concentrate on this picture. And then start with the first step. Every next step will reveal itself at the right time, as long as you persist. When the wheel of life gets started for real, things begin to move faster. The more hours you put in, the better your creations will be. How inspiring! We are creators of our own life!

Everyone spices up their life as they like

And this is the way it should be. What is good for me may not be good for you, and vice versa. We are different but we can still spice up the world together! Let’s focus on it and let each individual sort out the details. Let’s cooperate while letting everyone be who they are. Although the dough for bread needs to get kneaded nicely, it cannot be done so by five people. Everyone bakes their own bread. If we knead our dough ourselves, we are getting more and more independent. We are independent when we follow our heart and our taste. The more times we make something according to our own taste, the better feeling we get and the braver we are. With courage we get more desire to experiment. The more times we experiment the more good things we will bake.

I believe in you. Do you?

Chef Kamala

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