Rice with a Creamy & Crunchy Surprise

The life of love is full of surprises - and fair compromises.


  • 3-color rice
  • olive oil
  • tofu
  • breadcrumbs
  • chickpea & cornmeal flour
  • water
  • fresh spinach
  • soy cream
  • soy sauce
  • dry oregano and marjoram
  • asafetida
  • red pepper
  • basil
  • salt



I cook it by the instruction on the package (depends on the type of rice), rinse, add a spoon of olive oil and cover.



I slice it and marinate for at least 15 minutes in soy sauce with added dry oregano and marjoram to immerse it in salty and aromatic taste.


In the meantime, I prepare the dip for breading.


I add a few spoons of chickpea and cornmeal flour in water and mix until I get a crepe-like mixture. I add some flour if needed. I dip the slices of tofu in it, then bread them in crumbs, and repeat once more.


I put the breaded tofu on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 200 minutes at 200 degrees C / 392 F.



I saute it quickly in a non-stick pan with a few drops of water. I steam it for a few minutes and enrich it with soy cream, asafetida, red pepper, a pinch of salt and chopped basil leaves.


Put crunchy breaded tofu, silken rice, and greeny creamy spinach into the shapes of your imagination.



Chef Kamala

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