Peanut Crush on Velvet Mousse

When golden peanuts meet velvet chocolate they immediately feel the deeply sensitive rose aroma and they have a crush in a 15 minutes rush.


Golden Peanut Crush:


  • peanuts
  • soy milk
  • coconut or muscovado cane sugar


Chocolate Velvet Mousse:


  • avocado
  • chocolate
  • rose water


Soy milk

I heat it up, put the sugar in and cook very slowly at low heat while mixing all the time until the milk thickens. It is ready when it looks like a thick and sticky syrup.



I chop peanuts in a blender and put them into the prepared syrup. I mix well and spread the mixture on a tray in a 1-2 cm thick layer. I put it in the freezer for 5 minutes just to cool down and thicken nicely, not to freeze.



I cut it in half and spoon the avocado flesh out. I mix it in a blender.



I melt it over hot water and add to the blended avocado. I add rose water for aroma, and I mix it nice and slow till the right smooth flow.


Crush the cool golden peanuts into unique pieces and let them spend some nice time with the aromatically romantic chocolate velvet mousse.



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