Light Chapatti Bread

This light bread without raising agents is easier to make as it might seem and is a great substitute for the usual bread. It goes great with... anything!
  • 200 g wholemeal flour
  • 100 ml tepid water
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • non-diary butter
  • ½ teaspoon salt


I put flour into a bowl and add salt. I slowly add water and knead a firm and smooth dough. I form a ball, sprinkle it with water, cover it and let it rest at least for half an hour. Then I make small balls, 2-3 cm in diameter. I flour them and carefully roll them into even, thin circles.

I heat a large, heavy pan. I remove the excess flour from the chapatti and put in on a pan. I use a clean cotton cloth to press the chapatti gently against the pan until small bubbles appear on the dough. When the lower side of the chapatti gets brown stains, I turn it to bake on the other side. I then take it from the pan, using tongs, and hold it over fire for a few seconds, that it blows and gets brownish at sides. I put it on a plate, cover with butter and wrap in a foil.


If we only have an electric stove, we can cook chapatti on a pan a bit longer and press it more times. In this way, it will blow and cook nicely. If the dough is very good, however, it will blow on its own.


I serve chapattis with various spreads or soups, instead of bread. In this case, I filled them with vegan cottage cheese, red pepper and herbs.


Tofu cottage cheese and red pepper filling


I chop red bell pepper and sauté on olive oil. I add tofu cottage cheese and sauté some more. I add chopped fresh herbs and season with salt.



I don’t have to be perfect to begin; I have to begin to become perfect.

Chef Kamala

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