Cook and Develop Your Intuition

Smell, taste, add, improve – develop your own unique taste. It’s good in the beginning to taste your food while cooking. This is the way to train your taste buds. If you would like to train your intuition, however, don’t taste the food beforehand. Explore – this is the only way to discover something new. Even if you don’t succeed at first, everything is all right. You are training yourself in the fact that you don’t have to be perfect to begin – but you do have to begin to reach perfection. Don’t be afraid of bad results or negative reactions. Failure doesn’t exist. You are only discovering new ways and in the meantime, you may find out how not to make pancakes.


You can always ask yourself: ‘What can I add? What more can I do?’ Pre-made spice mixes you can get in the grocery stores usually contain different combinations of ground spices and herbs: rosemary, basil, garlic, black pepper, red pepper, oregano, mint, lemon balm, marjoram, sage and similar. You can use each of these herbs on your own, separately or together, fresh or dry. If you use your own mixture of spices your dish will be even better and healthier – without food preservatives and flavor enhancers. You really don’t need the additives – spices and herbs have beautiful aromas on their own. And when you add them to naturally grown vegetables the taste is even better. As I love spicy, hot food, I would make every recipe with chili. But I let you season the dish on your own. Don’t worry; if you don’t know what to add, rosemary and basil are your saviors.


Cooking can teach you how to think

We never have exactly 7.5 ounces of this and 3.5 ounces of that and 0.7 ounces of pistachios and tomato balsamic vinegar and exactly the right baking tin. There were times when I only had 2 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 3 spoons of sour cream and a few basil leaves – and a visitor in 30 minutes. As I wanted to please my guests I developed my creative cuisine. Well, sometimes I was just too lazy to go and buy more ingredients. I was left with creating something good from whatever I had at home.


So, what is in your fridge? There is enough for you to cook something special for yourself and your guests. Cooking is natural – you eat at least three times every day. If you see and try something you also can make it. Make it as you tasted it or adapt it. This is cuisine with your taste.


You have your own style and taste. You know exactly what you like and dislike. Be as you are. Explore and enjoy. There are no mistakes, only things that work and things that don’t. Find them. Get out of your comfort zone and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop blaming others for your stewing in your own juice. Roll up your sleeves, surrender to the challenge and cook something new. Whatever we cook ourselves is best for us. We know best, how roasted, salty or spicy we like our food to be. When we cook for ourselves, we really know what we eat.


We have to eat what we cook

Let’s cook what we like then. We don’t have to accept just anything. We’re free and we can choose what we feed our body, our mind, and our feelings. This will affect our health enormously, as well as all other areas of our life. Imagine a life without feelings of guilt, without criticism and constant complaining; a life lived according to your own recipe; a recipe that you wrote and you cooked. You see, I’ve realized only now that actions are the ones that get us to reach our goals. Positive thoughts are just the beginning, although an important and unique one. There are positive affirmations and thoughts on the cards to help you develop positive expectations and a belief that you are (at least for yourself) the best cook in the world.


Positive sentences like ‘I believe in myself and my cooking abilities’ can really help you succeed in the kitchen and your expertise will show on the plates. Self-esteem always counts. However, we would never become good cooks if we didn’t try the recipes and combinations on the other side of the cards. Practice makes perfect and when we season it with a desire to surprise and please someone the results are even better. This is a winning combination. The more tastes you explore, the better you will be in the kitchen. The better you will be, more frequently you will want to cook. The more times you cook, the more times you will enjoy good company. Cooking makes us grow on all levels, as the principles of success are the same in every area – business, spirituality or cooking.


There’s a principle that definitely works in the kitchen, too – whatever you give you get in return. While cooking, imagine your guests enjoying your food, you included. Visualize it and add emotions to the picture. ‘Mmm, this is so good! Delicious!’ Our desire to please our guests is a crucial spice. Bring strong emotions to the surface, so strong it makes you dizzy when you try that chocolate mousse in your mind … Taste buds are activated, do you feel it?


This way you can prepare delicious food. Do you think I am kidding? No, it’s true, it works, I experienced it many times. We must feel a strong desire to please our guests. And then, of course, we must go and start cooking. When people taste what we cooked this way, their satisfaction forms a nice, loving feeling in their hearts. And love flows back to us.


I believe in you. Do you?



Chef Kamala

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