Category : Soups

Gentle Lentil Nettle Soup

  red lentils carrots coconut cream nettles (dried or fresh) coriander seeds ginger bay leaf olive oil salt and pepper   I slice the carrots and wash the lentils. I put carrots, lentils, nettles, ginger and all the spices into the water and cook until the soup gets creamy. I add some coconut cream and olive oil to make it smooth and gentle.   Gently take her by her hand, lead her to a loving end.   I AM GENTLE […]

Noodles in Company

  noodles (soy or rice) carrots red bell pepper ginger smoked tofu parsley greens and root salt pepper   I split the carrots in a half. I slice the parsley root. I cut smoked tofu into small cubes. I slice red bell pepper into long strips. I grate ginger. I chop fresh parsley greens.   I cook all the ingredients except for chopped parsley at low heat in a little water, until it gets infused with the aroma of the […]

Smoking Hot

Savor this comforting potato soup with smoked tofu in cold days or when your heart needs some warmth. potatoes smoked tofu oat cooking cream pickled cucumbers carrots water turmeric hot chili salt   I peel the potatoes, cut them into pieces and sauté until brownish. I add water, salt, a pinch of turmeric and ground hot chili and cook. I blend it, add some grated smoked tofu and a tablespoon of oat cooking cream. I serve the soup in a […]

Hokkaido Delight

What is better in fall than a great creamy pumpkin meal that you can savor with delight – and your belly is satisfied, as is your sight? WHAT YOU WILL NEED Hokkaido pumpkin red peppers corn rosemary olive oil salt   HOW I MAKE IT I cut the Hokkaido squash to thicker slices and put into a baking tin. I sprinkle it with olive oil and season with rosemary and salt. I bake it in the oven at 220 ºC […]

Green Peas Soup

Let’s eat more green peas, spice up your life as you want, let others do the same, and make peace in the world! WHAT YOU WILL NEED green peas carrots potatoes bay leaf parsley non-diary butter soy yogurt water fresh ginger black pepper salt HOW I MAKE IT I clean peas and peel potatoes, carrots and ginger. I cut potatoes into pieces and sauté it shortly on non-diary butter together with whole carrots and ginger. I add peas and sauté […]

Comfort Carrots on a Spoon

The food is the best for you when it is still full of color and life, and basically plant-based.  I call it life-friendly food – friendly to you, to nature, the environment and all! Carrots are one of the best representatives and they are a beauty tonic as well as a comfort food. HOW I MAKE THE CARROT SOUP… carrots non-diary butter curry salt water/rice milk/coconut milk   I clean the carrots and grate them. I sauté them on butter, […]

Sunny Soup

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: corn kernels (frozen or fresh) rice milk wheat semolina non-diary butter vegan cheese by choice parsley basil turmeric powder black pepper salt   HOW I MAKE IT: I put frozen corn kernels in hot water, strain, and blend. I do not add any liquid as I want the mixture to be thick. I sauté shortly on a little non-diary butter, add rice milk and cook for 10-15 minutes. I thicken the soup with 1-2 tablespoons of […]

Queen’s Cauliflower

Cauliflower is the real veggie queen, so we can make sure to make her seen in all her natural beauty with this side or main dish here: WHAT YOU WILL NEED cauliflower potatoes raisins cranberries lemon juice olive oil sliced almonds salt   I clean the cauliflower and cut it into small flowers. I blanch them in salted water (3-5 min), strain and put into a bowl. I add some olive oil and lemon juice. I peel the potatoes, slice them, […]