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Strong Spread on Fragile Bread

  red bean soy sauce nutritional yeast sunflower seeds cumin seeds pepper   puff pastry dough rosemary sesame seeds   Puff pastry I cut the puff pastry dough into long strips. I sprinkle them with dry rosemary and sesame seeds. With my hands, I lightly press spices into the dough. I bake the pastry on a closed grill for 8 to 9 minutes or until golden brown.   Cooked beans I mix it in a blender with soy sauce, nutritional […]

Kamala Manjare Pizzellettas

  flour yeast potato tomato sauce carrots asparagus black olives capers cherry tomatoes dry tomato oregano basil garam masala cumin seeds salt and pepper   Dough I put yeast into a warm water and add a pinch of flour, salt and sugar, cover and let grow. I sift flour into a bowl, pour the prepared yeast into the middle and start kneading. While kneading, I slowly add warm water and make a dough. Tip: it is easier to use a […]

Gentle Lentil Nettle Soup

  red lentils carrots coconut cream nettles (dried or fresh) coriander seeds ginger bay leaf olive oil salt and pepper   I slice the carrots and wash the lentils. I put carrots, lentils, nettles, ginger and all the spices into the water and cook until the soup gets creamy. I add some coconut cream and olive oil to make it smooth and gentle.   Gently take her by her hand, lead her to a loving end.   I AM GENTLE […]

Newborn Corn Croquettes

  Newborn corn croquettes come with smooth basil potato puree, Mediterranean herbal soy and wine sauce.   fresh or canned corn corn flour pickled peppers garam masala salt black pepper   If I have fresh corn, I boil it and cut the kernels from the cone. If using the canned corn, I rinse it. I put the kernels in a bowl, add cornmeal flour, chopped pickled peppers, and spices. I mix well to get a sticky batter. If needed, I […]

Real Deal Roast

  smoked seitan loaf apples (slightly sour) cranberries lemons coconut oil   soy sauce mustard red pepper black pepper marjoram wild oregano ground cumin dry chili   Smoked seitan For this roast, I prepare a thick loaf of seitan. I make a few deep cuts across the loaf and glaze it with soy sauce, mustard, red pepper, black pepper, marjoram, wild oregano, and a pinch of dried cumin. I leave it in the marinade at least for an hour, or […]

Noodles in Company

  noodles (soy or rice) carrots red bell pepper ginger smoked tofu parsley greens and root salt pepper   I split the carrots in a half. I slice the parsley root. I cut smoked tofu into small cubes. I slice red bell pepper into long strips. I grate ginger. I chop fresh parsley greens.   I cook all the ingredients except for chopped parsley at low heat in a little water, until it gets infused with the aroma of the […]

Skewers for Lovers

  soy cubes pineapple mustard soy yogurt carrots agave syrup lemon juice and zest lemongrass coriander seeds cumin powder black pepper seeds cloves curry salt   Soy cubes I cook them in spiced water with lemongrass, coriander seeds, black pepper seeds, cloves, curry, and salt for about 30 minutes, until they get soft. Then I rinse them and marinade in mustard, a few spoons of soy yogurt and ground coriander and cumin seeds.   Pineapple I cut them into cubes […]

Eat Wheat Meat

cornmeal (medium) / instant polenta smoked seitan red wine thyme sunflower seeds mustard lamb’s lettuce lemon juice salt   I cook 1 cup cornmeal in 1.5 cup water to get a thick polenta. I spread it on a tray and let it cool. I marinade smoked seitan in red wine with added fresh or dried thyme. In the meantime, I dry roast sunflower seeds and mustard. I blend it all with a little water and salt into a pâté. I […]

Breakfast in Bed

wholemeal bread rolls with mixed seed eggplant mushrooms zucchini red bell pepper avocado asafetida white pepper powder lemon balm leaves   Zucchini I slice them to long, 5 mm thin slices. I season them with asafetida and white pepper and grill them on a griddle pan.   Eggplants and mushrooms I chop and roast them in a non-stick pan until they get soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. I blend them into a thick pate.   Red […]

Baguette Full of Love

Fill this baguette with what you have in the fridge. Saute some veggies, cook some beans, spread with some silky mayo and spice it up with a lot of love. Here is the recipe for vegan mayo: silken tofu lemon glucomannan Dijon mustard salt and pepper   Silken tofu I blend it quickly together with Dijon mustard and juice of half a lemon and a pinch of glucomannan powder for a thick and creamy result.   This silky creamy mayo […]