Category : Desserts

Sweet Persian Moon Millet

  millet vanilla soy milk banana vanilla pod saffron persimmon Soy milk I heat it up and put a few saffron threads in it.   Millet In the meantime, I wash and rinse it. I add it to soy milk and cook for at least 20 minutes while stirring often.   Banana When the millet is cooked and starts to dissolve, I add vanilla pod and chopped banana. I serve in cups.   Persimmon I top or drizzle the millet […]

Alluring Doughnuts

  buckwheat flour wheat flour salt sugar yeast soy milk   dark chocolate chocolate drops powdered sugar   I put yeast with a pinch of flour into a tepid soy milk and let it grow. I sift both types of flours together into a bowl and add a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar and mix well. I slowly pour in the prepared soy milk with yeast and knead into a smooth dough. I cover it and let it […]

Balance Muffins and Drinks

  Balance muffins all-purpose gluten-free flour hazelnuts chocolate blueberries baking powder apple vinegar   Flour and… I sift it into two bowls. I add cocoa powder into one and slowly pour soy milk in while whisking into a smooth batter. When it is nicely smooth, I add baking powder and a spoon of apple vinegar and mix shortly. In the end, I add blueberries and put in the preheated oven immediately. I bake for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees C […]

Old-school Energy Bar

This is how an energy bar and dessert would look a hundred years ago, all in one. wheat walnuts sugar lime zest carrots dates cocoa   Wheat I soak it 24h before using and then cook at low heat for about 3 hours. Rinse well.   Walnuts I roast them in the oven and grind finely. I add them to the cooked wheat. I sweeten the mixture with sugar and give it a good stir.   Carrots I blend it […]

Earthylicious Pudding

  hokkaido squash coconut milk vanilla bean chestnut flour hazelnut milk   Hokkaido squash and coconut milk I slice it and cook in coconut milk shortly, put into a blender, add a vanilla bean and blend.   Hazelnut milk and chestnut flour I boil it and add chestnut flour slowly while stirring constantly until it turns into a fairly thick and firm cream.   I choose sparkly champagne glasses to serve this luscious pudding in, making layers by my imagination.   Unlock […]

Together as One

  hazelnuts tofu agave syrup soy milk cocoa powder   I roast whole hazelnuts and blend them. I add tofu, agave syrup, and soy milk, and blend all together into a smooth puree. I split the mixture in half. I add cocoa powder into one half and blend again. I scoop the two mixtures on a plate and serve with blueberries.   Don’t go one by one – stay together and have some fun. I SEE YOU AND ME AS […]

Raw Tree

  cranberries dates figs plums hazelnuts almonds   Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Make desired forms (balls, bars…) and roll them in shredded coconut or raw cocoa.   I AM FREE IN LOVE. Chef Kamala

Sunday Ganesh Sundesh

This is my (plant-based) variety of the popular Indian sundesh. tofu roasted pistachio agave syrup   Tofu I blend it with pistachios and sweeten with agave syrup. I make small balls out of the mixture.   Pistachios I take some more pistachios and crush them, and roll the balls in them. On a Sunday prepare yourself for a wonderful Monday with this delightful and divineful Ganesh Sundesh. And don’t forget to feed your thoughts with some love. Repeat: I AM DIVINE […]

Artemis’s Apple Strudel

Let the Goddess Artemis take you to the perfectly imperfect forest of love. apples soft tofu agave syrup gluten-free breadcrumbs coconut oil raisins tarragon cinnamon nutmeg   Apples I wash and slice them thinly, then roast quickly and saute in a non-stick pan.   Tofu I put it in a blender and mix with agave syrup. I add chopped tarragon.   Breadcrumbs I put them in a pan on a tablespoon of coconut oil, then add raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg, […]

Peanut Crush on Velvet Mousse

When golden peanuts meet velvet chocolate they immediately feel the deeply sensitive rose aroma and they have a crush in a 15 minutes rush.   Golden Peanut Crush:   peanuts soy milk coconut or muscovado cane sugar   Chocolate Velvet Mousse:   avocado chocolate rose water   Soy milk I heat it up, put the sugar in and cook very slowly at low heat while mixing all the time until the milk thickens. It is ready when it looks like […]