Alluring Doughnuts


  • buckwheat flour
  • wheat flour
  • salt
  • sugar
  • yeast
  • soy milk


  • dark chocolate
  • chocolate drops
  • powdered sugar


I put yeast with a pinch of flour into a tepid soy milk and let it grow. I sift both types of flours together into a bowl and add a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar and mix well. I slowly pour in the prepared soy milk with yeast and knead into a smooth dough. I cover it and let it grow for at least two hours.

In between, I knead it lightly a few times. When the dough grows to times into twice the initial size, I put it onto a floured counter. I take a part of the dough and roll it out to 1.5 cm thick. I cut out small circles (with a little shot glass) and make little holes in the middle (with a small plastic circle-form tool, like a pen cap ;)) I fry the doughnuts in oil or bake in the oven.

When the little doughnuts are ready, I make them alluring by sprinkling them with powdered sugar and drizzling with chocolate dressing. I make it simply by melting the dark chocolate and/or chocolate drops in a double-boiler.


Lure your loved one into your secure circle of sweetness.



Chef Kamala

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