Monthly Archives: October 2018

Together as One

  hazelnuts tofu agave syrup soy milk cocoa powder   I roast whole hazelnuts and blend them. I add tofu, agave syrup, and soy milk, and blend all together into a smooth puree. I split the mixture in half. I add cocoa powder into one half and blend again. I scoop the two mixtures on a plate and serve with blueberries.   Don’t go one by one – stay together and have some fun. I SEE YOU AND ME AS […]

Raw Tree

  cranberries dates figs plums hazelnuts almonds   Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Make desired forms (balls, bars…) and roll them in shredded coconut or raw cocoa.   I AM FREE IN LOVE. Chef Kamala

Sunday Ganesh Sundesh

This is my (plant-based) variety of the popular Indian sundesh. tofu roasted pistachio agave syrup   Tofu I blend it with pistachios and sweeten with agave syrup. I make small balls out of the mixture.   Pistachios I take some more pistachios and crush them, and roll the balls in them. On a Sunday prepare yourself for a wonderful Monday with this delightful and divineful Ganesh Sundesh. And don’t forget to feed your thoughts with some love. Repeat: I AM DIVINE […]

Breakfast in Bed

wholemeal bread rolls with mixed seed eggplant mushrooms zucchini red bell pepper avocado asafetida white pepper powder lemon balm leaves   Zucchini I slice them to long, 5 mm thin slices. I season them with asafetida and white pepper and grill them on a griddle pan.   Eggplants and mushrooms I chop and roast them in a non-stick pan until they get soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. I blend them into a thick pate.   Red […]

Baguette Full of Love

Fill this baguette with what you have in the fridge. Saute some veggies, cook some beans, spread with some silky mayo and spice it up with a lot of love. Here is the recipe for vegan mayo: silken tofu lemon glucomannan Dijon mustard salt and pepper   Silken tofu I blend it quickly together with Dijon mustard and juice of half a lemon and a pinch of glucomannan powder for a thick and creamy result.   This silky creamy mayo […]

Purple Night Seaside Bite

dried Nori seaweed sheets cabbage red cabbage carrots tahini paste lemon juice nutritional yeast   Tahini paste I mix it with a little bit of water, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and nutritional yeast until smooth.   White and red cabbage I shred them thinly and rumple them with my hands a little bit to soften them and mix their juices.   Carrots I slice them with a peeler.   I mix all the ingredients with tahini sauce, roll it […]

Make a Toast

Don’t get toasted – eat this roasted sunny squash on a toast and make out the most from it. gluten-free toast hokkaido squash sunflower seeds Swiss chard radishes coriander seeds balsamic vinegar coconut oil Asian spices mix   Hokkaido squash I slice and steam it, and add a pinch of salt.   Sunflower seeds I dry roast them and grind them softly. I cover the Hokkaido slice with them on both sides.   Swiss chard I blanch it and then […]

Proud Brussels Sprouts & Tanned Seitan

Be proud to present yourself out loud and let your love sprout! seitan Brussel sprouts green lettuce radicchio vegan Worcester sauce dried Mediterranean spices lime juice   Seitan I marinade seitan steaks in Worchester sauce with added dried Mediterranean spices for at least 15 minutes. Then I grill them in a griddle pan for a few minutes on each side.   Brussel sprouts I clean them and softly cut into them two times, in a cross or + form 🙂 […]

Feel the ‘beet-’ of your -roots

Millet is a forgotten cereal but an ancient superfood for a good mood. Together with beetroot it can make you feel your roots.   millet zucchini carrots beetroot cumin seeds pine nuts coconut cream mango cayenne pepper   Millet I cook it in salted water together with cumin seeds and rinse.   Zucchini and carrots I cut zucchini to 1×1 cm and carrots to 5×5 mm cubes. I steam them in a non-stick pan with a little bit of water […]

Rice with a Creamy & Crunchy Surprise

The life of love is full of surprises – and fair compromises.   3-color rice olive oil tofu breadcrumbs chickpea & cornmeal flour water fresh spinach soy cream soy sauce dry oregano and marjoram asafetida red pepper basil salt   Rice I cook it by the instruction on the package (depends on the type of rice), rinse, add a spoon of olive oil and cover.   Tofu I slice it and marinate for at least 15 minutes in soy sauce […]