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Culinary artist, life friendly recipes creator, vlogger, dreamer, visionary and the one who can support, inspire and assist you to spice up your life the way you want.

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This is a cuisine according to YOUR taste. Explore YOUR creativity and develop the feel for cooking and living just the way YOU want. You don’t have to be perfect to begin; you have to begin to reach perfection. Give yourself to the moment. Roll with it! Let your imagination run wild! Your love and your passion are the most precious spices. You CAN spice up your food and your life just the way you want! I believe in YOU! Do YOU?

Lets spice up

the world

I cook with fresh LOCAL ingredients and spices from around the GLOBE. This is the way to stay connected to HERE & NOW and to the WORLD – for the best delicious flavors of your life!


private chef

Taste my creations at various restaurants and events.


Special Edition Recipes

Best Summer-Fall Meal for All

  • Cold starter

    Apple carpaccio salad with cashew-lemon balm mayo, cinnamon roasted walnuts with rum-gingery raisins
  • Warm starter

    Saffron apple rolls with coconut dressing and caramelized cashews & chili
  • Main course

    Roasted marinated tempeh with sauted veggies & apple-lemon zest chatni
  • Dessert

    Baked apples with cardamom chocolate


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